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Fly Fishing Shows

Posted by Administrator on 1/30/2012
The past 2 weekends have been show weekends one was the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show, and the other was the Somerset Flyfishing Show. I was glad to see people there, supporting your favorite shops and manufacturers.    The shows were very productive, and and proved that Fly Tying and Flyfishing might be recession proof.  People came to spend money, and knew what they wanted. 
Our next show will be the new Pensylvania Flyfishing Show, in Lancaster PA.  we will have 2 booths there, and plan to have Regal Vises along side of us, with Steve Silverio tying with us for the weekend.  We will also have the owner of Partridge Hooks in our booth promoting his new company, and between our existing stock, and what he brings, we should have you covered.
We are also reordering a bunch of new Whiting products for the show, leaning toward freshwater.  We will also have some saltwater and Salmon / Steelhead products as well.
We had just recieved the new magnetic fly holders from C and F Designs the friday of the Somerset show, Along with the new longer bobbin, and some tool caddies. and we already need to reorder.  They sold very well. Hope to have more for the PA show. 
FYI, we are now carrying the entire line of Skip Storch Signature Fly Rods.  They are a great fly rod with a resonable price tag.  We are Skips first retailer for these rods. 
Our 2 booth clowns....  Pete Gray, and Joe Cordeiro.  Somerset Show
The new Partridge Uptide and Uptide Extra have arrived.  What a great looking hook for your fresh and saltwater streamer patterns, or any pattern that requires a long shank hook!!  We will have all of our Partridge hooks at the Shows.
Fly of the Week
Cinnamon & Brown Emerger Caddis with Davie McPhail
We have some great Whiting Rooster Bird Fur on it's way,along with some fresh 100 packs from Whiting.  If there is one thing that I noticed at the past 2 shows, was that we had many customers come in and ask for Whiting 100 packs.  So, in the intrest of our customers, we have ordered a bunch.  we will have both of these products on the site as soon as we get them. 
Again, hope to see all of you PA tyers at the new show, and meet some of our PA customers.  Till then, Tight Lines.  Greg