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Alpaca Dubbing and "Tips" (longer Alpaca Hair) from Fiber Flies

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Tips (longer Fibers)
Paca-Dub is an exciting new natural alpaca fiber fly tying material, introduced at the Waynesboro, VA. Fly Fishing and Wine Festival April of this year by Fiber Flies, a new company serving the fly fishing community. Paca-Dub is available in a variety of natural and dyed colors to match any fly pattern you are tying. Versatility of this material is the one reason Paca-Dub should be in your fly tying kit.
A naturally hollow fiber Pac-Dub has many of the properties; translucence, buoyant, natural feel to the fish, and can be used in almost any fresh or saltwater pattern. Depending on the application, Paca-Dub can be dubbed onto the thread in thin wisps for a light dry fly body or used in a dubbing loop where more bulk is desired. The body can then be teased out easily for a nice ‘buggy’ look.
Paca-Tips is a companion product, which retains more characteristics of the natural alpaca fiber. Used in similar applications as Paca-Dub, a feature of Paca-Tips is the ability to use the fiber to create ‘hair wings’ and ‘parachutes’ for dry flies. Tying a ‘Clouser Minnow” is a perfect application. Additionally, Paca-Tips can be teased out and used as a dubbing, increasing its versatility.

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