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Bill's Body Braid
Bill's Body Braid

Bill's Body Braid

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Bill's Body Braid, versatility has made it a staple ingredient in many of todays contemporary fly designs. If you haven't tried this material yet,your truly behind the curve.  BILL'S BODI-BRAID is a a flat woven mylar which lends itself perfectly to numerous wing, body,and flash applications. It's strands of mylar are of the thinnest,most supple mylar available, making it the highest quality braid of it's type on the market. Make No Mistakes! BILL'S BODI-BRAID is the ORIGINAL! BILL'S BODI-BRAID was the first of it's type on the market.Since then many others have tried to duplicte it but fall short due to it's extremely fine mylars and suppleness.

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