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Bug Bond, and how it can help you create better flies.

Posted by Administrator on 1/10/2012
The creation of BUG-BOND™ started at the beginning of the 2009 when Dave Edwards (creator of Bug Bond) was looking for a quicker method of tying flies... pike flies with epoxy heads to be precise. Below is in depth discription on each product and a video of what you get when you purchase a kit. 
A note about the Pro UV Torch...  The USDA Has forbidden the importing of the new Pro Torch into the US.  Why?  we don't know.  But, until this issue is resolved, the Pro torch will not be available to US customers.  That being said, the original torch, is just fine, and cheaper.  There is no reason customers should not be using the original torch for curing thier Bug Bond.  I personally have been using it since the begining, and have had no negative issues at all.
Hydrodynamicaddis Pupae (by Andy Larkin)

Hanak H300BL (size 8-14)
Thread: UTC 70/140
Weight: Flat lead wire/tape
Head: Black UTC 70/140
Body: UTC 70/140 (Body colour)
Rib: Stripped Peacock/Flexi Floss

BUG-BOND™ Original: with the viscosity of a “runny honey” Original is the “go to” material for the general fly tyer. If you’ve never experienced light cured acrylics before, then this material should be the top of your shopping list… from shell backs or surf candies to buzzers. Use this material and you’ll wonder why you ever used epoxy or solvent based products.
BUG-BOND™ Lite: this material is much less viscous than Original and is close to a watery consistency or that of light engineering oil. Lite can be used to secure thread or bucktail part way through a tie to allow you to continue tying without building up a profile or use it as a varnish replacement. Use Lite alongside the BUG-BOND™ Professional UV Light for the finer applications.
Below is a video on what you get in the Bug Bond Kits....

Remember January is a big show month, and 2 of the biggest are coming up within a week or so. Marlborough Ma, and Somerset Flyfishing shows.  We will be at both with a great selection of tying materials.  Joe Cordiero will be tying at our booth for both shows, and Pete Gray will also be tying with Acrylics at our booth at the Somerset show.
Stop by and see us. 
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