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\"Plasti dip is the best all around adhesive and stiffener I've found to date. I use it to add durability and foul-proof certain patterns.\" (Steve Farrar).

We sell it in the 7.25oz can.

Plasti  Dip is great stuff.  Steve Farrar came up with the idea.  This stuff works great!!  Lasts a long time in the applicator bottle and now the smell is reduced a bunch, by using the applicator bottle.  No more working with an open 3\" wide can. This stuff is a very valuable material to have on your desk. Also,  The stuff will last forever. Use on eyes on  the bunker, deciever, mushmouth, and other baitfish patterns. Totally different than Softex, much stronger.  The clear is the best for a general adhesive, but, some people have a need for the colors as well.  Make sure is you use the applicator bottle, you store it upside down.  It will last a long time that way. 

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