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Testimonial by Luke (UK)
"Just a quick mail to say very happy with all the products you sent me and those e-z zonkers are already catching fish thankyou."..

Testimonial by Ingar (Norway)
"I will also use this oppirtunity to thank you for the exelent product youhave sent me. The quality of your products are exelent as well as your service and swift delivery. espesialy that you on the custom slippers on your pacages to me have written that the product I have ordered is prized at 10 dollars. that has resulted in that I have notpayed any customs fee. I will garantied order more of your product in the nea rfuture"..

Testimonial by Dave (Scotland)
"ive had a good look around your site and can honestly say you will be seeing a lot of me i tye pike and saltwater flies here in the uk and to be quite honest struggle with some of the stuff i need i mean i sent out over 3.500 pike flies last year nuts so i look forward to a long and happy trading relationship with you"..

Testimonial by L.C. BAUTISTA (us)
"The hackle arrived at the first stop today and will be forwarded to me here in the Middle East today. Thank you for such prompt service. LCB"..

Testimonial by Dave (Scotland)
"guys, stuff arrived very fast to me hear in scotland can't thank you enough, superb service."..

Testimonial by Michele Nicol (UK)
"as always guys a pleasure to deal with, you tight lines. "..

Testimonial by Martial Guelat (France)
"I received my purchases. I am very satisfied. Goodbye for new business."..

Testimonial by Fernando (Spain)
#1 "The order arrived today, . Perfect material , so happy to find you. " #2 "Hello Greg, thank you very much for this fantastic purchase and all these top quality fly tying materials. The neck arrived today, fantastic. Perfect bussiness partner. We'll be in contact. Thanks again Fernando"..

Testimonial by Gedas (Lithuania)
"Thank you Greg for repeating old order, I really respect this... in our Lithuanian fly fishers forum I will consist, that everybody could trust your website :) Thanks again"..

Testimonial by Ken ( Tokyo)
"Just wanted to say thank you for the package. I was very please with it and will order from you again, Ken"..

Testimonial by Arthur (Israel)
Thank you for all the trouble and your patience. I really enjoy working with you. Thank you...

Testimonial by Brian (US)
Thanks so much --- I'm the guy who ties for his buddies and they are killing me with " more RFS Nymphs!" :) Thanks for carring the SLF dub --- VERY hard to find, ill keep ording from you guys from now on!..

Testimonial by Curtis (US)
Hello Greg, Thank you very much for your prompt handling of this. I have already received the replacement thread. I appreciate it very much. I will be ordering from you again, thanks to your excellent service. Thank you again...

Testimonial by Thomas (Norway)
The package you sent last week arrived today! Many thanks for great service!..

Testimonial by Jeffery (UK)
"Just a quick not to let you know my order arrived this morning. Quality excellent, price great and delivery quicker than I get from some UK suppliers."..

Testimonial by Neil (UK)

Testimonial by Neil (UK)

Testimonial by Keith (UK)
My order arrived safely last week - many thanks for a great service...

Testimonial by Henning (norway)
Thanks for the JC-neck, thats a good one...:) few split, and thats very good...:) I tie a lot of flies, and want to by more JC-necks from you...

Testimonial by Cindy
I have never felt so confident being in business for myself. Teaming up with Greg, to bring the very best product to my Customers is effortless. Time and time again, you consistently make me feel like the only Customer you have. I couldn't be this successful without YOU! Bottom line. So much gratitude and appreciate for everyone who's a part of our organization. Cindy Jack cindyjackdesigns.com..

Testimonial by Cindy (USA)
I truly appreciate your supreme and over the top never-ending service!! I feel good about giving you my hard earned money. Thanks Greg for unbeatable customer service. You have treated me from the start like a valued customer and being a female in the fly industry and having the experience I have from you I'm grateful for it...

Testimonial by Max (US)
Folks, you need to advertise or something!!! I got my orders today, wow!!! Thanks. I can't believe that jungle cock neck!!! Fifty five bucks? A buddy of mine got one about half that quality and paid $125!! Thanks much! You'll be seeing me again!!!..