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What is a Variant?

"Limited , one of a kind Capes and Saddles"

"Variants refer to those pelts that do not conform to standard colorations and/or patterns. They are different. But in this difference is the opportunity to create new and unique fishing flies that tap into the diversity of the aquatic life that flies are trying to imitate, and the artistry of the fly tier that is creating them. Aquatic insects vary both in the uniformity if their colors and patterns within the individual insects, and between the same insects in different waters and even places within the same waters. Variant feathers allow the tier to bring to their flies the often complex and yet sometimes quite subtle variations that naturally occur in nature. Speckling, irregular baring, unique color combinations, vermiculation, intermittent translucence, random splashes of color-the list is almost endless. And it is the eye of the fly tier and their creativity, that can see in a variant pelt the creative possibilities for unique and often exceptional flies. Often the maturation of a fly tier can almost be assessed by the keen attention to entomology and their artistic flare in imitating true insects. Standard patterns are well and good in their own right. But variant feathers and flies provide the opportunity to merge artistry and life at the hands of an adventuresome tier and angler. Open yourself to the possibilities."

The Golden Brown tied by Dick Talleur

with our Whiting Brahma Hen Feathers