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June 2013 Newsletter

Posted by Administrator on 6/3/2013
June 2013 Newsletter

March Newsletter

Posted by Administrator on 3/21/2013

January Newsletter

Posted by Administrator on 1/7/2013

Big Whiting Feather order arrived.

Posted by Administrator on 12/8/2012
Big Feather order from Whiting has arrived. Get them before they are taken to a show.

December Newsletter

Posted by Administrator on 12/8/2012
December Newsletter from Whitewater Flies.

November Newsletter from Whitewater Flies

Posted by Administrator on 11/1/2012
Hello all, coming to you from hurricane torn NJ. We have been pretty lucky considering all of the damage, we are up, running , and ready to serve you. We hope all of our local customers and friends are recovering from this awesome storm, and are doing well.
We are now offering the Bill Me Later Service through Paypal. This allows you to delay payment on orders over $99 for 6 months. All you need to do is fill out the quick form on the Bill me later page, and off you go. Find more info by clicking on the Paypal bill me later Banner (just like the one below) on the lower left of our home page.
Well, the International Fly Tying Symposium will be held this month in NJ. Stop by and see us. We will have 3 booths with Steve Silverio ( on the front of the pamphlet), Jonny King, Dave Nelson, Jeff Becker, and Joe Cordiero tying at our booths, all at the same time, no rotations. Plenty of variety, and lots of great products for sale.
I know we are getting to the end of the season, but, keep in mind we carry a full line of Kayak fishing supplies. For those of you who will be rigging your yaks over the winter, have a look at what we offer. If you don't see it, ask, we most likely can get it for you. We are offering free shipping on all kayak products as well.
We are continuing to get many great Whiting products in, with saddles becoming a little easier to get. We just recieved some real nice Whiting American Winger Capes .
We have some great colors in Hebert Saddles Grades Bronze and Silver , And even some great natural Whiting Euro Saddles , along with a great selection of Rooster Saddles overall. We also have recieved the popular HEBERT PRO GRADE ROOSTER CAPES in Cree, get them while they are here. And... we also have some of the last remaining Whiting Bronze Grade Flatwing Saddles .
A note on Bug Bond, this is the best selling "resin" we offer. Bug Bond has consistantly out sold the best by over double. We believe it is due to the reliable mixture, and its resonable price. The Pro Light is certainly worth the $$ as well, and we are able to get that now with no problems. So, if you haven't tried it yet, or you are looking to get one of the "resins", choose BUG BOND KIT WITH NEW PROFESSIONAL CURING TORCH and ORIGINAL RESIN , or any of the Bug Bond products, you won't be sorry.
We also have been selling the Roman Moser Tungsten Sculpin Snap Heads , and they have been selling well. They are a great , small head with nice weight to them, and very easy to use.
Ok, that is about all for now, we hope to see you all at the International Fly Tying Symposium on the 17th and 18th of this month at the Garden State Exhibit Center. Untill then... Greg Becker

New tying products from Whitewater Flies for the 2012-2013 tying season

Posted by Administrator on 9/13/2012
A few new products for the 2012-2013 tying season. All are on the site and ready to go.

The Winter Show Season Churns on....

Posted by Greg on 2/22/2012
As the winter moves along, we have had another round of good shows. With the PA Flyfishing show in Lancaster last weekend, we have our last show of the season in Kent Narrows MD, this Friday, the Tye Fest. Here are some pics and new products from the past shows this season.

Fly Fishing Shows

Posted by Administrator on 1/30/2012
2 Fly Fishing Shows back to back weekends. And fly of the week.

Bug Bond, and how it can help you create better flies.

Posted by Administrator on 1/10/2012
Bug Bond, and how it can help you create better flies. And fly of the week.

Happy new year/ and fly of the week

Posted by Administrator on 1/4/2012
Happy New Year.... Here's to a great year to come.

Latest news from Whitewater Flies and Fly of the week.

Posted by Greg on 12/19/2011
Merry Christmas everyone.

Fly of the month, Christmas is right around the corner It's not too late!!

Posted by Greg on 12/12/2011
It's not too late!! There is still time to ship for Christmas. There are some great items on our site.

Dec week #1 Blog and Fly of the week Klinkhamer Special

Posted by Greg on 12/5/2011
This weeks' fly is the Kinkhamer Special